BEDFORD20 Results

BEDFORD 20 RESULTS: 25 March 2018

BEDFORD20 Results 2018

1st Man – James Bellward
2nd Man – Elliot Hind
3rd Man – Jamie Seddon

1st Lady – Amie Williams
2nd Lady – Mandy Dohren
3rd Lady – Katy Woodward

First Team 5 – Redway Runners: Andrew Dodds, Simon Read, Chris Mahoney, Michael Bates and John Flanagan

MV40 – Barry Lloyd
MV50 – David Pearce
MV60 – Tony Randfield

FV35 – Mandy Dohren
FV45 – Nicky Ashe
FV55 – Pauline Stocker
FV65 – Gillian Warson

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